Happy Nation – NFTs

With the introduction of ChatGPT, people feel that there is a technological revolution around the corner, one that will change how we will all use and interact with technology. NFTs are also a fundamental element for the upcoming new transformation of technology. NFTs allow individuals to securely and publicly own something on the internet, and clearly, it can be anything. In the first half of 2020, NFT sales reached a total of $13.7 million, whereas, in the same period of 2021, sales reached $2.5 billion. While the first boom of NFTs was mainly elevated by art and the excitement of trading art in a gamified way and giving artists a new platform to enhance their exposure, the technology behind NFTs is outstanding and a missing puzzle piece in the digital space. When the internet evolved and the masses entered the market, it was hard for many businesses selling tangible items to create lucrative digital products. Even music labels and blockbuster companies had trouble finding a proper business case because they struggled to create a value of ownership in the digital space. That’s why streaming services like Spotify and Netflix entered years later in an undeveloped market. 

Metaverses will allow for this change as we will soon be spending more time in virtual spaces, and as individuals, we will want our avatar to be different from other avatars. NFTs are the technology that brings possession and ownership into the digital space. They provide a legal agreement of ownership within these virtual worlds. People will buy virtual fashion items just as they do in normal life. NFT technology opens a variety of businesses and new market opportunities in the digital space. But NFTs do not only provide ownership, they can also be used as a digital membership token with benefits to its holders. 

In the Happy Nation, this is no different. We are currently developing a few categories of NFTs:

  • The Founding Document is an asset that also provides access to presale and (non-stackable) discounts on all of our products. It has a limited supply of 3333. 
  • The Founding Citizens are unique PFP NFTs that give free access to one wellyou program each year and three premium activities (i.e. events, classes, etc.) a week in the metaverse. Also, users need this NFT to apply for citizenship in the Happy Nation metaverse. This collection has a limited supply of 10,000.
  • The Passport is a dynamic and customizable NFT that will record all the user’s activities in the Happy Nation either in real-life or digital space. Users can collect stamps in their passports for achievements from events, workshops, retreats, and challenges. Also, the passport will give one additional free entry to premium content each week. The passport will be a soul-bound (untradable) NFT. 
  • The medals & trophies of the W3llbeing Games will be soul-bound NFTs.